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Verizon and BT Announce Cross-Network Video Calling & Telepresence

Verizon and BT announced a deal enabling each of their respective customers initiate high-quality video conferences and telepresence sessions. I spoke with representatives from BT and Verizon to learn more about their collaboration. Marc Hambley, Sr. Product Manager at...

Sony Kills Go!Messenger VoIP Application

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced that it plans to shut down Go!Messenger, a VoIP, video chat, and IM application that launched last February. Citing a lack of interest, Go!Messenger was an intriguing PSP app that leveraged the PSP Go!Cam...

University of Cambridge claims largest IP telephony system

Score one for Cisco. They now claim that the University of Cambridge has become one of the largest if not the largest IP telephony system in the education sector. Cisco and BT announced the deployment in a multi-million pound deal...

Wibree joins Bluetooth

The ultra low-power Wibree wireless standard founded by Nokia will become part of the Bluetooth specification. Once the spec is integrated into Bluetooth, low-power PAN (Personal Area Network) devices such as watches, toys, consumer health care devices and sensors will...

VoIP on the Sony PSP Finally!

Remember my Google Talk and VoIP on Sony PSP article from January 2006? Well, it would appear that now you can get VoIP on the Sony PSP. Well, according to the BBC, The VoIP software was developed by BT...

Windows Vista USB Audio Driver Problem Fixed

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is my latest desktop machine at work and some USB audio devices have given me nothing but problems. While most USB audio devices have installed just fine, since they use the standard Microsoft USB audio class,...
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