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New Blackfin BF51x Processor Launches

Analog Devices unveiled the new Blackfin BF51x series, the newest members of their convergent-processor family. Blackfin processors are very popular when building Asterisk-based appliances, including the Digium Asterisk Appliance AA50 and Astfin. The Blackfin convergent-processor architecture offers reduced cost, power...

Rev B of Astfin's BRI (ISDN) Asterisk Appliance Arrives

Rev B  of Astfin's BRI (ISDN) Appliance has just arrived. The BR4 appliance (or BRI Appliance) is an open hardware BRI Asterisk Appliance running Astfin. I've written about this Asterisk-based appliance before. The blog author writes how he...

Astfin announces Asterisk Appliance based on Blackfin

We all know the benefits of Asterisk, an open source IP-PBX software solution - so wouldn't open source hardware for the Asterisk platform be a natural extension? Yes, it would and in fact Asterisk fans have been hard at...
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