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HD DVD RIP, Long Live Blue-ray!

The HD DVD vs. Blue-Ray high-definition DVD format war is over. In case you missed it, Toshiba made a statement saying, "it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders." As a result, Amazon and other...

Star Trek Phaser Blue-ray Gun

I've seen this video before of a DIY Star Trek Blue-ray phaser gun, but just came across it again and thought I'd share. Of course, Trekkies will be quick to point out that the phaser beam in Star Trek was...

300GB DVD to challenge Blue-Ray?

With the ongoing nasty war between the Blue-Ray and HD-DVD camps, it looks like their is a new entrant entering the ring and joining the fight.In the Blue-Ray corner we have Blue-Ray founders, Sony Corporation and Royal Philips Electronics along...
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