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AT&T Finally Bundles VoIP & Wireless Cell Phone Service

According to USA Today, AT&T is promoting their CallVantage VoIP service by bundling their cellphone service along with AT&T CallVantage, a broadband VoIP landline replacement service. AT&T Wireless users can add CallVantage for $19.99 monthly, a $5 discount.   I've...

AT&T/BellSouth: Will Cingular Get Any Better?

Much hubbub yesterday and of course this morning about the AT&T deal to buy BellSouth.And while these deals are great for the deal brokers and company executives, they have mixed results when it comes to making the winning company any...

A Gadget Makes the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Seems like gadgets aren't such a strange Valentine's Day gift after all.  According to an article in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle, chocolates and roses are moving out of the way this year to make room for a more gadget-centric V Day.In...
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