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Windows Live Messenger Back in the VoIP game!

Ok, now my head is getting dizzy from the number of times Microsoft Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger has had outbound VoIP-to-PSTN calling (2006), then pulling outbound VoIP calling (early 2008), and then putting it back in. Also, I believe...

Astricon, Win $100, and Party Hardy at ITEXPO

Came across DIDx (DIDXchange) CEO Suzanne Bowen's blog today, where she mentions that DIDXchange is sponsoring the Code Zone Reception on Tues PM Sept 23 at Astricon and also "giving a lightning talk with some of you on DIDX and...

Exoskeleton Arrives, Terminators not Far Behind

An experimental robotic exoskeleton from Sarcos turns ordinary soldiers into super-soldiers. Wouldn't we all just love to do 200lb pull downs, bench press 500lbs with utter ease, and flip heavy car batteries with our own personal exoskeleton hook? Who...

Movable Type vs. Wordpress War Heats up

A day after Movable Type announced that Movable Type 4.0 would be GPL open source, Movable Type has stopped their retreat from Wordpress and the battle lines have been redrawn. "Are you ready for a war!!!!" Wordpress fans have been...
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