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Sarah Palin email hacked, posted to Wikileaks & Wikileaks goes down

In case you haven't heard, some hackers hacked into Governor Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account. Some of the emails were posted to, a site that posts leaked information. Well, apparently the popularity of Sarah Palin must have brought down...

PlayStation 3 helps discover oil

The technology used in the PlayStation 3 is being used to help explore and find oil much faster than before. Woohoo! Using IBM technology, specifically the IBM PowerXCell 8i, which was originally developed for the Sony Playstation, a Spanish...

Democrats want nationwide broadband policy

Below is the text of Leader Pelosi's speech this morning to the National Press Club. Statements are included from industry and academic leaders regarding the Innovation Agenda which addresses America's nationwide broadband policy and even mentions voice over IP.I highlighted...
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