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Windows Mobile gets 3G VoIP - WiFi not Required!

 Last year Jajah launched the Windows Mobile 6 native SIP client for the the EM-ONE. Frederik Hermann, Director Global Marketing for Jajah emailed me to say, "Today we launched phase 2 of this project, EMOBILE users can now get their...

JAJAH Mobile VoIP client for the iPhone

JAJAH, today announced that it is building on its current Apple iPhone call-back offering by participating in the iPhone Developer Program "to create possibly the first native global VoIP application." Sorry, Jajah, but truphone beat you to it with their...

Jajah native SIP client for EM-ONE phone

Jajah just announced a very cool pre-installed VoIP client for the EM-ONE α device for the Japanese mobile carrier EMOBILE which was co-developed with Sharp and Microsoft. Their software uses the data channel (HSDPA) to deliver voice services for...
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