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How Low Can Storage Go?

New storage products usually involve gadgets that are bigger, faster and cheaper as disk drives keep packing in more and more data and prices keep on dropping.However, EMC's Iomega, well-known for such personal disk storage products as the Zip and...

EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager & Reporter

Today, EMC launched a comprehensive solution for managing your VoIP infrastructure, with EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager and EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Reporter. The goals of these two software solutions are to maximize the availability and performance of business-critical VoIP...

Network Storage for the Home Is Coming

Just like very bit of technology that starts out high-end (expensive) and then gradually comes down in price to reach mass market acceptance (Crossing the Chasm, anyone?), networked storage is no different.Once only the technology for large enterprises and now...
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