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HP's Netbook/Mobile Package Plot

Hewlett-Packard wants to employ a new tactic to market netbook computers in the U.S., offering them at a steep discount to customers who sign-up for wireless service contracts. This bundling of cellular service with PCs isn't done in the U.S.,...

Asus Going 3.75G for Eee

Asus has announced that it will be adding 3.75G connectivity to its hugely popular series of Eee PC netbooks, enabling convenient and high-speed access to the Internet anytime, anywhere. The inclusion of 3.75G is a perfect addition to the...

How About OS X on EEE?

Feel like stepping beyond the limits of Apple hardware? Want a Mac netbook for under $650? How about an EeePC running Mac OS X? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then read on! At least part...

Time for a Netbook?

Small is cool, and smaller is even better!No doubt inspired by the drive to create the $100 laptop, netbooks (teeny, tiny laptops) have been coming on strong.The Aspire One (photo at left) and the Eee PC 1000 are popular options....

Make Mine a Mini: Mini-Laptops Driving PC Sales

Mini-laptop computers, typified by the popular ASUS Eee PC (in photo at left), have been derided by some analysts as little but low-cost toys. But they are changing the shape of the PC business throughout the world, bringing computing...
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