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Radio iPod coming?

Tomorrow, Apple is set to launch a radio iPod - according to who cites a reliable source. The source stated that the new iPods can receive digital radio and includes a "buy now" feature to allow the user to...

How to iPod enable your car

So you want to iPod enable your car and aren't satisfied with FM transmitters or cassette adaptors? Do your discerning audiphile ears require only the "best" iPod listening experience? Well, look no further than the video tutorial offered by...

RoadTrip!+ FM Transmitter

Today, OWC and NewerTech have announced the RoadTrip!+. Like the original RoadTrip!, this new model broadcasts the tunes from your iPod straight to your car's stereo at 87.9 FM. Unlike the original, however, it offers the fantastic feature of also...

iPod FM Transmitter

I was just telling my coworker this morning how my iPod FM transmitter apparently stopped working. I can barely hear the music while dialed to 87.7FM. There was a strong station on 87.9FM, but I tried getting it to...
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