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FreedomPop for iPod Touch - Free 4G Internet Coming!

Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom's new FreedomPop, a 4G broadband "free" wireless internet provider, which recently announced FREE 4G wireless internet for iPhone using the Freedom Sleeve 4G for iPhone 4/4s will soon launch the Freedom Sleeve for the iPod Touch....

Skype Video For iPhone!

Skype Video for iPhone is here! You can now make video calls from your iPhone with the latest update from the Apple App Store. Rich Tehrani and I tested it this morning on his iPhone 4 with my iPhone 3GS...

fring Video Calling Over 3G on iPhone 4

It was just a matter of time before fring updated their iPhone app to take advantage of the iPhone 4's front-facing camera. That day has arrived! With the new fring for iPhone you get 2 way video-calling not just...

No Facetime friends? Call 1-888-FACETIME

Even with millions of iPhone 4s being sold, you probably don't know any people who also own an iPhone 4 to test Facetime video chat with. No worries though. You can video chat with an actual Apple representative! Just call...

FaceTime Vantage - The Ultimate Unified Communications Compliance Tool

As I have mentioned in the past, controlling and monitoring Skype usage in the enterprise is very difficult. It is Skype's ability to work on any network, regardless of the types of NAT, proxy, firewall, or intrusion prevention systems...
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