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Nimbuzz VoIP app on Apple App Store

Nimbuzz is a free app that lets you call (VoIP), chat, message, and send photos, music and video on your iPhone, which was recently made available on the Apple App Store. Using a centralized contact list you can connect with...

Skype and other VoIP Apps on Mobile Phones

It seems new software comes out daily that enables you to run a VoIP application, such as Skype, on your mobile phone natively, through a bridged gateway, or using the Skype API. While Skype is certainly the most popular VoIP...

EQO Launches new Mobile VoIP/IM Client

LAPTOPMAG has an actual hands on review of the new EQO software announced today. If you recall, EQO was originally designed to add Skype functionality to mobile phones, however EQO has changed their offering.  Now instead of just enabling Skype...

EQO VoIP / IM client now supports Windows Mobile and Blackberry mobile phones

Remember my in-depth overview of EQO Communications and their mobile-to-VoIP (Skype), mobile-to-IM (GoogleTalk, AOL, Skype, etc.) and mobile-to-social communities software?Well, I had word last week that tomorrow EQO Communications will announce support for RIM Blackberry and Windows Mobile powered devices. ...

Asterisk 1.4 unveiled

Digium Inc., the Asterisk company, today announced Asterisk 1.4. According to Digium, the new version isn't available for download until October however. Although I know Mark Spencer, I have no inside information, however, my guess is that Asterisk will launch...

Google releases GoogleTalk API

Google has released their API for GoogleTalk. Wow! Just think of the mashups. Now you can mashup Google search with Google Maps and GoogleTalk. So for instance, one guy mashed up the Best Buy XBox 360 inventory with Google...
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