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Venturer SHD7001 HD DVD player

Our friends across the pond (the Brits) get a sweet HD DVD player deal that just got sweeter. The eagerly awaited, low cost Venturer SHD7001 High Definition (HD) DVD player from Venturer will not only offer an add on...

NFL On Dish: SD & HD

This might seem a bit early to be too excited about, but if you're a lover of pro football, does the season ever end? EchoStar and the the NFL Network recently announced a multi-year extension to bring many new advanced features to...

Download High-Definition Movies

I've been itching to buy a new Microsoft Media Center 2005 PC for the past week or so. Microsoft Media Center 2005 has support for multiple TV tuners and it supports PVR (personal video recording) functionality as well as pause/resume...
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