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Japan Goes the Way of the Dodo & Still Supports Fax

I've admired Japan for their innovations since the mid 1970s, including the Sony Walkman, the Sony portable CD player, and how their took on the American automobile juggernaut to offer smaller, more fuel efficient, and yes, more reliable cars. While...

Japan Earthquake Devastates Global Chip Production

The Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor problems have had a devastating effect not just on people's live and property, but also the Japanese semiconductor industry which accounts for 25% of the global supply of silicon wafer. This will affect...

Jajah native SIP client for EM-ONE phone

Jajah just announced a very cool pre-installed VoIP client for the EM-ONE α device for the Japanese mobile carrier EMOBILE which was co-developed with Sharp and Microsoft. Their software uses the data channel (HSDPA) to deliver voice services for...

SkypeIn comes to Japan

If you are from Japan, rejoice since the long anticipated arrival of SkypeIn to Japan has come! Today, Skype launched SkypeIn in Japan with Fusion, a carrier partner who supplies the Japanese numbers. This service was expected last Fall, so...

Japan leads in VoIP

Japan trumps the U.S. in technology yet again! Japan is developing a new high-speed network for cell phones that will use VoIP for phone calls which can be transmitted more cheaply, thus saving the mobile carriers money, while also making...
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