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Internet Finally Takes Off into the Clouds

American Airlines began offering Internet access on long-haul domestic flights today, making American the first U.S. airline to offer full in-flight broadband, according to a Reuters report. The world's largest airline said its passengers on Boeing 767-200 aircraft can...

JetBlue offering free WiFi in the Sky

According to Reuters, JetBlue, Yahoo and Research in Motion plan to offer free, in-flight, Wi-Fi web connections for laptop computers and advanced cell phones, Rim said on Thursday. The service will allow passengers to access customized Yahoo mail and Yahoo...

Running into fellow VoIP bloggers and some VoIP news

I just arrived in sunny San Diego after a very turbulent JetBlue flight from JFK airport. Although it was a bumpy ride, the 37 channels of DirecTV certainly helped pass the 5hrs and 40 minutes away. After arriving at my...
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