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VoIP Plays Role in the Elections

VoIP played an important role in this year's Presidential elections. Even notorious robocalls leveraged VoIP to blast out calls using inexpensive calling rates. Michael Dinan has an interesting article on how the Republican National Committee (RNC) leveraged Grandstream phones for...

John McCain goes VoIP

John McCain aka Mr. "Straight Talk" has gone VoIP. Or at least if De-Fi Mobile's new "Straight Talk" VoIP service has anything to do about it. The product is actually Voice-over-WiFi. No word from the McCain campaign if McCain supports...

Holy Toledo! Cheap Wireless T1 & T3 Internet!

So today I receive this intriguing email... Tom, please visit New technology launching in days, not months. T1 speed portable wireless internet, up and down with no degradation of signal for $19.95 a month and VOip for additional $9.95...

John McCain pushes a la carte TV channels bill

Legislation was introduced today by Senator McCain to push forward a la carte TV programming. Personally, I'd like to have a la carte satellite TV programming, naked DSL or naked broadband cable, and a reliable VoIP service provider.Alas, I am...
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