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Former FCC Chief Kevin Martin to Keynote ITEXPO

Former FCC Chief Kevin Martin will be a keynote speaker at ITEXPO taking place February 2-4th in Miami, Florida.Some background on Kevin Martin. In a resignation statement on his philosophy at the FCC he stated it "has been to pursue...

Wireless Free Internet: Thank You FCC!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released an engineering report that opens the door for the FCC to apportion a chunk of wireless spectrum for free Internet services across the nation. "We need to reserve some spectrum for free broadband services,"...

Digital TV Transition Already Has Hiccups

Earlier this week, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin flipped an oversize, symbolic switch in Wilmington, NC, to celebrate the city's early transition to all-digital TV signals. The first!  And guess what, by later that day, the FCC...

Tax VoIP to fund USF? Bah!

So now the U.S. government wants to tax VoIP to help fund the USF. Rich discusses this in a post today worth checking out. eWeek also has a story on this. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is proposing that VoIP service...
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