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Tweefind a new rank-based twitter search

Fellow VoIP blogger Luca has launched a new endeavor called Tweefind, which is a rank-based twitter search engine rather than a simply timeline search on keywords. Luca explains: How is the Tweerank calculated? Behind the scenes there is a sophisticated...

Luca's Top 30 VoIP Leaders on Twitter list

Luca Filigheddu has a Top 30 VoIP Leaders On Twitter post worth checking out. TMC's Rich Tehrani and I are on the list. Honestly, I haven't seriously started using twitter until the beginning of this month, so I'm just ramping...

Twitter Finally Embraced + Twitter Bug

I begrudgingly joined Twitter in December last year, but after joining and playing around with it for awhile I stopped using Twitter. It seemed like its only purpose was to stroke one's own ego by collecting a vast army...

Win a free iPhone

Luca is sponsoring a free 3G iPhone giveaway (unlocked of course) to help promote his Hictu service. I sure hope Luca has one on hand considering the iPhone shortages. (though Greg Galitzine says the iPhone shortages are dissipating) Anyway,...

Firefox VoIP Extension open to any SIP provider

Luca just emailed me that his company just launched a new version of their Firefox VoIP extension that is open to any SIP provider. Luca writes, "A new version of the VoIP Extension is now available for download and it’s...
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