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New CKEditor (FCKEditor) on Movable Type

CKEditor (formerly FCKEditor) is one of the best WYSIWYG editors. In fact, some of us within TMC have had an affectionate nickname for the old name due to it sounding very close to something X-rated. Dropping the 'F' (bomb?) might...

Facebook Connect for Movable Type plugin

Facebook Connect is appearing in more and more websites, including Techcrunch, SFGate, and more, allowing you to use your Facebook credentials to post comments on third-party websites. TechCrunch announced Facebook Connect support for their comments just a few days ago....

Upgraded to Movable Type 4.2

Well, after several weeks of planning, I finally upgraded our blog server to Movable Type 4.2, Six Apart's latest and greatest MT blogging platform. Technically, it's Movable Type 4.2RC1 (release candidate 1) and still considered a beta, but close enough,...

Movable Type Outage

So I get Six Apart's Movable Type newsletter which talks about how they want the Movable Type community to help make Movable Type faster. After all, Movable Type is open source now, so what better opportunity than to ask the...

Upgrading MovableType Berkeley to MySQL

Upgrading to MovableType running MySQL instead of the Berkeley database was certainly a challenge, but it was worth the effort (I include the MT upgrade to MySQL steps below). I've been running the default Berkeley database for TMC's blogs, including...
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