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Artisan Infrastructure Solves the MSP Competition Conundrum

At ITEXPO I met with Artisan Infrastructure's CEO Brian Hierholzer to discuss how Artisan offers a compelling cloud-based solution for MSPs and service providers. Brian explained that one problem with existing managed service providers (MSPs) is that they often compete...

Comcast Best in VoIP Quality, AT&T Best in VoIP Reliability

Keynote Systems released their latest VoIP quality report with some interesting findings. For one, Comcast, a cable company dominated the voice quality rankings beating the closest competitor by nearly 300 points. As for reliability, to no surprise AT&T won this...

EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager & Reporter

Today, EMC launched a comprehensive solution for managing your VoIP infrastructure, with EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager and EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Reporter. The goals of these two software solutions are to maximize the availability and performance of business-critical VoIP...
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