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ADTRAN Launches n-Command MSP - Remote VoIP Management Network Tool

Interesting new product from from ADTRAN whose aim is to simplify remote management of VoIP networks with their n-Command MSP. It sounds very similar to NetQoS Unified Communications Monitor 2.0 I wrote about last month, except NetQoS UC Monitor...

ADTRAN adds New Multiservice Access Routers to NetVanta family

ADTRAN today announced the introduction of the NetVanta 3400 Series of Multiservice Access Routers. The series delivers up to two T1s of wire-speed performance, even with advanced services like Firewall, Access Control Lists (ACLs) and IPSec Virtual Private Networking (VPN)...

ADTRAN - the best kept secret in the VoIP Industry?

Last week I travelled to Huntsville, Alabama to meet with three VoIP companies, including ADTRAN, Digium/Asterisk, and Kancharla. My first meeting was with ADTRAN (~1600 employees) whose headquarters are located in the country's second largest high-technology research park. In fact,...
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