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Google, Mozilla, Samsung & NVIDIA Join DevCon5 HTML5 Conference

Some cool news to share about TMC's DevCon5, a HTML5, WebGL and WebCL-focused conference. Executives from several heavyweights, including Google, Mozilla, Samsung, and NVIDIA will be participating. Check out the news... Executives from Google, Mozilla, Samsung and NVIDIA Join the...

Microsoft Lync Mini-review

Rich Tehrani and I were in NYC recently checking out Microsoft's latest UC offering, Microsoft Lync, which officially launches this week. I've been busy testing it out using some virtualized images Microsoft gave me, so haven't had time to write-up...

Free Wi-FI In NYC's Central Park: Now That's More Like It

 A couple of days ago I wrote about free Wi-Fi access in New York's Central Park -- it's coming; it's not here yet. Photo above is a much better shot of what the park looks like, thanks to

Wi-Fi Was Meant To Be Free (in NYC)

According to a variety of published reports, including Internet Week, Central Park in New York could have wireless access as early as July.  City leaders are trying to provide public access to wireless networks in parks in all five boroughs, not...

Yankees Red Sox Rivalry continues

Tonight, the continuing saga of the greatest rivalry in the history of sports continues between the Yankees and the Red Sox. The Yankees with their history and mystique and the Red Sox with a World Series under their belt and...
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