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Vonage Wins Verizon Appeal

Hey, finally some good news for Vonage! According to Fierce VoIP, "A federal appeals court has vacated the $58 million in damages awarded to Verizon by a lower court that found Vonage guilty of patent infringement." In addition, the $58...

Another VoIP Provider Bites the Dust

Rich Tehrani has word that Packet8 is going to be picking up 12,000 VoIP subscribers from some unknown VoIP provider that is folding up shop over the next 3 months. Let the guessing game begin, who is it? Well, we...

MapQuest Navigator for Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices

MapQuest Navigator is now Available on Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices. In addition, MapQuest Mobile v2.5 now enables Finding Places, Customized and Multi-Point Routing Options, Canadian Coverage and more. MapQuest yesterday announced MapQuest Mobile v2.5, offering a range of new...

Quest, Level 3, Sprint/Nextel incest

Skibare has the goods on a potential incestuous relationship between Quest, Level 3, and Sprint/Nextel. Aren't Quest and Sprint/Nextel rival competitors? Looks like the carriers and major backbone providers have to get along much more than the 1990s if they...

Sprint sues Vonage

Sprint Nextel has sued Vonage, and Voiceglo claiming they have infringed on seven patents related to Internet telephony technology. The lawsuit was filed in federal court by one of Sprint Nextel's subsidiaries, seeking an injunction that would bar the defendants...
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