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Digium TE820 8-port T1/E1 Card Released

According to Digium, they just released their 8-port T1/E1 card designed for high density Asterisk deployments. The TE820 includes eight independently software-selectable digital telephony interfaces, supporting up to 192 channels (in T1/J1 mode) or 240 channels (in E1 mode).In a...

Octasic adds Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR) to Asterisk IP-PBXs

Octasic today announced the availability of Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR), an add-on feature for Asterisk-based IP-PBX systems.  According to Octasic, adding the ANR feature to SoftEcho, an echo cancellation software, makes this "the clearest voice quality in the Asterisk market."...

Digium adds hardware cancellation to boards

One of the knocks against the Digium line of boards for the Asterisk open-source IP-PBX was its lack of hardware echo cancellation. This required you to do echo cancellation in software which is processor/resource intensive and limits scalability. Sangoma...
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