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Microsoft OCS 2007 R2 XMPP Gateway?

I came across a Microsoft page that lists "OCS R2 XMPP Gateway" with a General Availability date of 9/28/09. Very interesting. This would enable for example Google Talk (XMPP) users to instant message (IM) OCS users. Jabber XCP has a...

Office Communicator clients cannot communicate with AOL Contacts Problem Solved

Scott Oseychik over on the MSDN blogs has a good post today about federation issues between OCS 2005/2007 and AOL. Apparently, American Online changed their root certificates on their SIP Access Gateway at approximately 12/2/2008, 4:00 AM EST.Via Scott's post:...

VoIPshield Finds Security Flaws in Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Office Communicator and Windows Live Messenger

I'm always a bit skeptical of VoIP security vulnerabilities discovered by firms which sell security products. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth sharing this bit of news.Update: Microsoft responded that VoIPShield's test is "on a non-secure implementation of OCS,...

Controlling Asterisk based on Microsoft OCS 2007 user's presence

Paul Adams contacted me recently since he's been reading my posts about Asterisk and 'Microsoft OCS 2007' integration. Paul wrote an interesting application that enables call queuing that 'respects' OCS presence. That is, if the agent's OCS status is...

New Communicator Add-in for Outlook

Last night I received an email from Microsoft allowing Microsoft MVPs to play with a new Communicator Add-in for Outlook. It's pre-release so playing with this new software is "invitation only". I tried to download the new version so I...

Office Communications Server 2007 Public Beta Launches

Recently I stated that Microsoft would launch the public beta of Office Communications Server 2007 later this month. Well, Microsoft gave me a heads up on the launching of their public beta of Office Communications Server 2007 which is available...
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