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Using monit Tool to Monitor Asterisk

Your IP-PBX is one of the most critical pieces of corporate infrastructure. It cannot afford any downtime, which is why the fives 9's (99.999%) of reliability was coined. While Asterisk is a pretty stable open source IP-PBX platform, it...

Bootable Flash Drive creates 15-Minute Turnkey Asterisk Installs on Atom-based processors

How'd you like a bootable USB flash drive which can create turnkey, full-featured Asterisk PBX systems in 15 minutes or less? Nerd Vittles has a recipe specially designed for the new Atom-based motherboards found in most netbooks. Nerd says it...

Asterisk Wake-Up calls and Web Scheduling

Those of you that travel a lot have probably encountered the situation where you think you set the hotel alarm clock correctly only to learn the volume was turned way down or you had it set to PM instead of...

Nerd Vittles Delivers some Asterisk Christmas Goodies

Just last month, PBX in a Flash launched. Well, Nerd Vittles aka 'Santa Claus for Asterisk', has been busy in his workshop building and adding features to PBX in a Flash. Well Nerd Vittles has finally put on his Santa...

PBX in a Flash Asterisk Distro Launches

Ward Mundy over at Nerd Vittles informs me that tomorrow Nerd Vittles will officially launch PBX in a Flash, a new Asterisk-based distribution that bundles in the best parts of Asterisk along with some cool third-party applications. PBX in a...
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