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SEO Webinar Today With Search Engine Watch

Rich Tehrani is hosting a webinar with Jonathan Allen, SEO expert and director of Search Engine Watch. According to Rich, "this will be the third-part in a webinar series which has focused on helping companies build content-based and other types...

Building Communities Online: Boost Sales, Search & Social Initiatives Webinar

TMC has helped multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies build online communities and microsites that have resulted in more sales and a larger marketing presence on the Web. One example is China Telecom here. Other companies past/present include Digium, Jabra, Microsoft,...

Google now gives Longer Excerpt in Search Results Dramatically Affecting SEO

The Official Google Blog today announced some improvements to Google search results that could dramatically affect your web traffic. First, they are have deployed "a new technology that can better understand associations and concepts related to your search". They claim...

Yahoo Overture Keyword Selector Tool Outage

I can't seem to get to the Overture Keyword Selector Tool (, a great site for researching keywords for SEO purposes. I was just on the site 10min ago and now it stopped. Surely, the Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo, which...

SEO contest

Just thought I'd share this interesting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contest created by that is creating some buzz on the blogosphere. Essentially, this contest is similar to the famous “Nigritude Ultramarine” SEO contest of 2003 to get it to...
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