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Gizmo5 SIP Trunks available in trixbox CE

Gizmo5 SIP trunks have always been available in trixbox CE, but it was a manual process. The Gizmo5 team has built a module to be part of the trixbox package manager that allows you to purchase your trunks, see your...

Hmmm... Buy an IP-PBX at Costco

I'm on vacation at Disney World this week but happened to be checking my email and noticed a bit of interesting news involving Costco, Microsoft, and VoIP. Yes, I know, strange bedfellows, eh? Apparently, you can now buy a...

Microsoft Response Point Announces SIP Trunking Service Providers

In March Microsoft announced Microsoft Response Point Service Pack 1 (SP1), which adds SIP trunking support. Today, Microsoft is announcing that they have selected NGT and Cbeyond as recommended service providers for Response Point to offer SIP trunks. NGT...
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