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NSA Can Wiretap Skype, Google & Facebook - But Not WebRTC

                                             Image Courtesy of the GuardianAccording to the Guardian, the NSA has the capability of tap in to user data of Google, Skype, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and more. This is disturbing on so many levels, especially after revelation that Verizon...

D2 Technologies Improves its vPort VoIP Software for Development of Next Generation WiMAX, Femtocell and Mobile Handsets/Devices

Some interesting news from D2 Technologies worth sharing. It's worth mentioning that D2 offers the mCUE mobile convergence software solution, which combines a communications user interface with the company's vPort MP VoIP software platform targeting OEMs and service providers to...

Dialogic DMG4000 Media Gateways launched

Dialogic today announced the availability of their Dialogic 4000 Media Gateway Series, including the DMG4060 DTI Media Gateway and the DMG4120 DTI Media Gateway. The Dialogic 4000 Media Gateway Series (aka "DMG4000 gateways”) are a set of integrated systems designed...
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