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What??? No More Exploding Laptop Batteries?

Aww darn, no more cool explosions from exploding laptop batteries! STOBA, a new material technology will steal the joy of seeing your laptop explode from faulty batteries. Boy, it seemed like a week didn't pass without Apple, Toshiba, Sony, Dell,...

Wal-Mart Getting Jump on Black Friday Deals

An upcoming Wal-Mart sale will offer Black Friday-like deals, including a notebook for $298 and 46-inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $798.Just as it did last year with a sale that lured shoppers into its maze of fluorescent lighting for $350...

More Battery Woes

Yes, the year of bad batteries continues! Today, we have news from the New York Times that Sanyo (no, not Sony) is recalling more than 1 million handset batteries that could overheat. All of this can make you kinda nervous...

Nokia/Sanyo To Merge CDMA Phones

News that Nokia and Sanyo are merging their CDMA mobile phone businesses in the U.S. into a new, separate business, just makes one wonder -- what does Nokia see that others don't? ...
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