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Bring Out Your Dead! Wait! Skype for Asterisk is <em>not</em> dead!

Digium has an excellent post today titled The Rumors of Our Death discussing Skype for Asterisk (SFA) and the recently launched (beta) SkypeforSIP (SFS). There has been much discussion on the blogosphere, twitter, and elsewhere if SFS means the...

Michael Robertson Responds to OpenSky vs. SkypeforSIP article

I would be remiss if I did not point out that Gizmo5's CEO Michael Robertson responded to me regarding yesterday's OpenSky vs. SkypeforSIP article. I had tried to reach Michael before the article went live but was not able to...

OpenSky vs. SkypeforSIP - It's On Baby!

It's on! It's Gizmo5's OpenSky vs. Skype. Michael Robertson, the CEO of Gizmo5 has a post up where he compares Gizmo5's OpenSky to Skype's SkypeforSIP. It's interesting how Michael talks about open standards, mentioning .mp3, a standard which Michael was...
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