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Severe iOS 4.2 VoIP Ringing Bug Fixed

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 4.2 and you run any VoIP application in the background, the ringer will continue to ring even after the call is answered. Apps such as CounterPath's Bria, Line2, and other VoIP apps are...

Nimbuzz adds iPhone push notifications

Just noticed my iPhone listed an update for Nimbuzz and it now features highly-anticipated push notifications, thus allowing IMs, voicemail notification, etc. even if Nimbuzz is closed. This update also features faster login, improved buddy list layout, send & receive...

Single-Gadget Theory (Update): PDAs to Shrink Back to Their Roots?

According to the XYZ Computing's Sal Cangeloso as reported in today's CEA SmartBrief newsletter, the PDA will likely return to its roots as a personal organizer and cede high-end features to smartphones and laptop computers. Will we ever have one single...

Palm Celebrates 10th Anniversary As Gadget Innovator

Hard to believe that Palm is 10 years old this year! The PCs and Macs were established as household objects, when the world was next introduced to Palm’s mobile and handheld technology in 1996.From the company’s first product, the Palm Pilot handheld,...

The Smartphones Show online streaming video program

Steve Litchfield emailed me to tell me about his online video program, called the The Smartphones Show, which he positions as a new online 'TV' series looking specifically at smartphones. The show covers all software platforms and is currently free...
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