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SNES Emulator for PSP

So you have a Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) and you're bored with the PSP's line-up of games are you? If you listen to the Giz-modo folk, you should, "Stop it with all the emulating and hacking and stuff. Just be...

Sony standardizes video conferencing to work with Cisco

Sony standardizes video conferencing products to work seamlessly with Cisco CallManager.Here's the news:Integration with Cisco CallManager makes video call just like placing phone callSony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading electronic and computer products solutions provider for consumers, today announced that...

Sony PS2 smaller with Ethernet capability

Sony is going to deliver a much smaller PS2 that weighs about two pounds or about less than half what the current model weighs. Additionally, the new model, like the Microsoft XBOX will have an Ethernet port. So I guess...
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