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AT&T's Free Wi-Fi for iPhone

In the on again, off again department ... AT&T knows Wi-Fi is hot, and free Wi-Fi is even hotter. Which is why free AT&T Wi-Fi access is now available for Apple iPhone at thousands of hotspots nationwide, including Starbucks....

You Can Buy Gadgets Everywhere!

A recent study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has found that 25% of people would be willing to buy their gadgets from Starbucks, 30% from Ikea, 40% from Bed, Bath and Beyond and almost 60% from Home Depot....

Starbucks closes 600 stores

Starbucks, the gourmet coffee retailer said today that it had drastically increased the number of stores it plans to close, citing in part continued weakness in the U.S. economy. Starbucks now plans to close 600 stores in the United States,...

AT&T To Give iPhone Wi-Fi Hotspot Access?

We can never get enough iPhone news or juicy rumors, so here we go again! According to MacRumors, AT&T's iPhone website (under the Plans tab) has been updated to note that each iPhone plan now includes access to their...

Ariel Atom 2 Car

Holy! This car is sick! The acceleration of the Ariel Atom 2 makes my Viper look like a Pinto in comparison! This car is an engineering feat created from a company with... get this... only 7 employees! You have to...

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to Address 911

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin has asked his staff to address the difficulty VoIP carriers have providing their customers with access to emergency 911 services.Mr. Martin told a House subcommittee on Tuesday that he asked his staff to develop...
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