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TeleBlend Offers $99.99/year Unlimited VoIP Calling Plan

TeleBlend, you know the Sunrocket saviors, after the 2007 Sunrocket implosion, today announced that it will be offering one year of unlimited local and long distance calling for just $99. If you recall, Sunrocket was offering $299.99/year for unlimited calling...

VoIP Call Screening

Robert Traphan, a college friend of mine stayed at my house last night and we were talking about the various VoIP products and services. Robert is a former SunRocket customer until the SunRocket implosion. Robert was a huge fan of...

SunRocket 10 Day Countdown

I received word that SunRocket will be completely disconnected 10 days from now. Some SunRocket customers are still unaware of SunRocket going under since their phone service still works via SunRocket's temporary saviour - Teleblend. However, Teleblend is only temporarily...

SunRocket Saviors

A college friend of mine, Robert Traphan, was caught up in the SunRocket going down fiasco, so he was asking my advice as to a good replacement for SunRocket. He just received an email from SunRocket which explains different options...
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