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Google Voice Adds Circles - The Apocalypse is Upon Us!

In a terse blog statement, Google announced that Google Voice would add Google+ circles adding a social network management strategy to Google Voice. Now you can organize your contacts into specific circles that actually ring your mobile device (family, mom,...

Exoskeleton Arrives, Terminators not Far Behind

An experimental robotic exoskeleton from Sarcos turns ordinary soldiers into super-soldiers. Wouldn't we all just love to do 200lb pull downs, bench press 500lbs with utter ease, and flip heavy car batteries with our own personal exoskeleton hook? Who...

Is Google becoming the dreaded Skynet?

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems and Jabber, Inc. announced a partnership to help solve the information sharing issues inherent in cross-agency collaboration. Combined with General Dynamics' mission awareness capabilities and Jabber, Inc.'s XMPP-based extensible presence architecture, the two companies will...
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