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magicJack Plus Review

The magicJack Plus is due out very soon, perhaps as early as next month, but I was able to get an early sneak peek at it for a review. The big new feature in the MagicJack Plus is that...

Top 20 VoIP Innovators of All Time

VoIP has come a long way since it was first popularized by VocalTec in the mid 1990s. Here is a slideshow of the Top 20 VoIP Innovators of all time with photo captions explaining why they merit this top 20...

VoIP Pioneer Slams Sprint

One of the unsung pioneers in the VoIP industry is Rich Tehrani. Rich started Internet Telephony Magazine in 1997, the first magazine to exclusively cover VoIP. Before Internet Telephony, Rich also launched CTI Magazine in 1994, a magazine focused on...

VoIP Patents run amok

We have all been following the various VoIP patent lawsuits. From the Rates Technology vs. Google Talk lawsuit, to Apple vs Cisco iPhone lawsuit, Verizon vs. Vonage patent infringement and many more. Well, Production Ad Absurdam has a couple of...

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Welcome to my VoIP & Gadget Blog. My name is Tom Keating and I've been in telecom/datacom since 1994 when I joined Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a publisher of VoIP news, call center & CRM news, as well as other...
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