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Voxbone Global DID Numbers Come to Aculab Cloud Platform

Aculab Cloud enables automated telephony applications by handling all the telephony resources in a cloud-based platform. Using simple, high-level language APIs, Aculab Cloud makes it easy for developers to create telephony applications that control inbound and outbound telephone calls. Today,...

Voxbone Adds SMS Support to their DID Phone Numbers

Today, Voxbone announced that it is adding an important feature to its wholesale, remote “local” phone number service - namely the ability to receive text messages. The SMS capability initially is available for phone numbers in the United States, Canada...

FREETALK Connect Alliance Formed at IT EXPO 2010

Andy Abramson (aka Mr. Harem of VoIP/Communications clients) told me that the new FREETALK Connect Alliance formed at ITEXPO has received a lot of interest from various companies looking to join in addition to the 14 charter members that have...

Junction Networks Adds Inbound Bridge to onSIP Hosted PBX

Junction Networks, provider of the hosted onSIP PBX service, has launched Inbound Bridge, an accessory service that ties in third-party providers of international and domestic DID numbers. Inbound Bridge saves money for Junction Networks’ business customers by allowing them to...

Pingtel and Voxbone interoperate

Pingtel, a provider of open source, Linux-based enterprise VoIP solutions, and Voxbone, a provider of international VoIP origination services will announce on Monday the completion of interoperability testing between their respective offerings. As a result of this certification, customers can...
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