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How to distribute VoIP in your house

VoIP Lowdown has the lowdown on distributing VoIP thought your house. He covers all the bases and all the stuff you will need to consider if you want to deploy VoIP thoughout your home using your existing wiring. When I...

Nothing But Net -- As in Net Neutrality Goes Mobile; Works For Me!

Now here is an idea whose time has surely come -- net neutrality for mobile phones! According to this report, we the gadget-consuming, mobile phone crazy consumer just aren't getting a fair deal from the wireless service providers. Think about...

Vonage offers VTech IP-8100-2 Cordless Phone

Looks like another cordless VoIP phone solution being offered by a major broadband VoIP provider. Could the end of the standalone ATA be far behind? Today, Vonage and VTech, a supplier of corded and cordless phones in North America announced...
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