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Skype for Windows Mobile 2.5 Beta Released

Skype's Mobile team has overhauled Skype for Windows Mobile and released Beta 2.5 today. The new beta features improved sound quality, better stability and a more familiar user interface. Will have to give it a try on the XV6700 running...

Video Stream the ITEXPO Keynotes from earlier today

I live video streamed the ITEXPO keynotes from earlier today using my Windows Mobile 6.1 phone. But in case you missed it, I recorded the live video stream. Here's a link to two video recordings I made for two keynotes:...

Live Streaming Video via Mobile Phone Camera

Well, thought I'd do a live streaming test from my Windows Mobile 6.1 XV6700 mobile phone in preparation for Internet Telephony Expo (ITEXPO) next week. I plan on live streaming portions of the show, which you'll be able to watch...

fring touchtone DTMF support - uh hello?

I've been playing around with fring for awhile now. I like fring which I like to call "the Swiss army knife of mobile VoIP and IM", since it works with Skype, SIP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ,...

Palm 800w -- Life Beyond Apple, BlackBerry

Palm keeps turning out really solid products, but never seems to be able to recapture the magic of the introduction of the first Palm Pilot.Now, here's a smart fruit phone (Apple, BlackBerry -- get it?) alternative for you -- the...

Windows Mobile 6.1 Update

Microsoft has announced plans to rollout an updated version of its Windows Mobile platform called Windows Mobile 6.1. The new updates include enhancements to existing features as well as some new ones. Features include e-mail, Web-access, instant messaging, traffic updates,...
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