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Impressive SkyDrive App for iPhone & Windows Phone Released

The SkyDrive app is now available both for the iPhone and Windows Phone users running the Mango update. This is a kick ass app that might make me switch from using Dropbox. You may recall I use Dropbox in my...

Microsoft Lync Mobile available now!

Looks like the December 12th launch date I wrote about on Friday was correct.  It's already available for download for Windows Phone 7. Nothing yet on Apple's App Store.Screenshot I took in the Windows Marketplace:Ironically I took this screenshot from...

Skype Integrated GroupMe App?

So I got this email from Skype saying this: We’re excited to introduce GroupMe – the newest member of the Skype family.GroupMe is the easiest way to chat with the people and groups you really know, wherever you are. GroupMe...

Windows Phone 7 Series - No Copy / Paste? WHAT???

Remember how Apple blew a lot of good will with their iPhone fans when Apple didn't include copy & paste and arrogantly claimed it wasn't needed? Other than background app support (still not available unless you jailbreak), copy/paste was the...

What's Wrong with Windows Phone 7?

So everyone is gushing over how sexy the new Windows Phone 7 Series is. Microsoft has done a "reboot" of their mobile operating system and gone to an entirely new operating system. Sorry Windows Mobile fans, your old apps...
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