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NSA <strike>Dark</strike> Black Fiber Line Cut Causes MIB to show up in seconds

              Fiber? You didn't see any fiber down there.There's dark fiber, and then there's really dark fiber, or what we'll call "black" fiber. Construction crews inevitably will accidentally cut a fiber line when doing underground construction. It's par for the...

Sony Phone Home for Gaming Future

 For Sony, Home is where the future of gaming is -- or where they would like it to be. In its battle for the hearts and minds of gamers, Sony is developing a robust social-networking component to its PlayStation 3 console....

Scramby disguises your Voice over IP voice

RapidSolution Software has a cool add-on product for VoIP and online games called Scramby, which "scrambles" your voice to sound like Darth Vader, an evil warlock, an android, child, and many more voices. Scramby is a vocoder add-on for VoIP...

Vista Launch: Midnight Madness All Over Again?

While I'm getting ready for the launch celebration of Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office in New York City today (Bill Gates will come out of "retirement" for one of the presentations), it's very interesting to see how excited everyone...
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