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Aastra XML 4 SIP Contest Results

Aastra today announced the winners of their "XML 4 SIP" contest. Full disclosure, I was one of the judges asked to evaluate and vote for my favorite XML applications that run on their XML-capable Aastra IP phones. According to Aastra,...

XML VoIP API by Microsoft Live Meeting and Lypp

Erik Lagerway, a former TMC blogger, is excited about his REST-based VoIP API and wholesale VoIP termination service, which he claims decreases the time to market for developers when integrating VoIP into any application. Erik emailed  me, "We have built...

XML Contest for VoIP Phones

Some interesting news from snom. Today, they announced the launch of its XML contest, "eXtreMeLy snomlified!” Beginning today, and continuing through Oct. 22, this contest calls on the VoIP programmer community and snom partners to de-velop innovative XML-Minibrowser applications...

Google Adsense for Feeds gets picked up by splogs

Before Google launched their Google Adsense for Feeds advertising program (ads within RSS feeds), an "enterprising lad" couldn't wait for the Google Adsense for Feeds to be launched, so he decided to hack his own Adsense ads and add them...

Full XML Feeds

I decided to change to full XML RSS feeds for my blog. I was concerned adding full RSS feeds might reduce people actually visiting my site (use RSS reader instead) and thus affect my web traffic statistics. However, my web...

Stupid XML Parser! RSS Feed not working

I modified my RSS template a few weeks ago and apparently I didn't include encode_xml="1"$> as part of one of the tags. Didn't realize it was needed at the time and my RSS feed was working just fine until two...
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