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Grandstream UCM6100 PBX - Yet Another Aastra & snom Disaster?

Is history repeating itself with the new just-launched Asterisk-based Grandstream UCM6100 IP-PBX appliance, which could upset their partners? Back in 2008, I warned Aastra about getting into the IP-PBX game: Aastra Telecom has entered the IP-PBX game with the AastraLink...

Sangoma Acquires Paraxip Technologies

Sangoma has acquired Paraxip Technologies giving Sangama a broader communications play than just offering telephony boards for Asterisk-based solutions.  Sangoma is positioning the news as a new foothold in the Windows Unified Communications and IP Contact Center markets.This kind of...

More on the Aastra AastraLink Pro 160 appliance

I spoke with Aastra's executive vice president, Yves Laliberte just 50 minutes ago to discuss the newly launched AastraLink Pro 160 appliance, which I blogged about this morning. As I suspected, the appliance is Asterisk-based. In my morning post...

Aastra AastraLink Pro 160

Aastra Telecom has entered the IP-PBX game with the AastraLink Pro 160. This is a very interesting move since Aastra Telecom is known for their IP phones used by various IP-PBXs, including many of the Asterisk-based solutions - trixbox,...
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