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Interactive Intelligence launches Quick Spin, a Cloud-based Unified Communications Trial Program

Interactive Intelligence today launched Quick Spin, a trial program that enables organizations to try their communications-as-a-service (CaaS) service for free. Interactive Intelligence gave me a demo of Quick Spin last week and I was pretty impressed. It features unified...

OnState, the Skype Call Center functionality Enabler, Used by B4 Consulting

I always find it fascinating to read about companies that take standard Skype and add additional features that make it a great solution for various business processes beyond just VoIP. One such company is OnState, the creator of OnState ACD...

OnState Mashup of Skype & Zimbra

Tomorrow, OnState will announce a mash-up of Zimbra and Skype. OnState is the creator of OnState ACD for Skype, which essentially adds ACD & call center functionality to Skype. Zimbra is a popular open source server and client software for...
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