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Guitar Hero To Add Hendrix, Metallica -- Like It a Lot!

With the much-anticipated Rock Band 2 now on store shelves, rival franchise Guitar Hero is sneaking into the news on several fronts.Most recently, Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash let it slip to Rolling Stone that Guitar Hero is working on a...

New Controllers Coming for Guitar Hero + Music Studio!

Software publisher Activision and peripheral maker Logitech have announced a joint venture to make premium controllers shaped like instruments for Guitar Hero World Tour. The game is expected to debut this fall, and will be available for the all the...

See All the IP Devices at Home?

Can you believe that shipments of Internet-Protocol (IP)-enabled consumer electronics reached 64 million units in 2007 -- a growth of more than 70%?However, the market continues to be dominated by Internet-enabled video game consoles. While many of these game console...

Advertisements in video games

Activision, Inc. and Nielsen Entertainment today released the results of a study on the effectiveness of in-game advertising that incorporates different levels of product integration. According to some video interviews I watched, the two companies feel that advertisements and product...
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