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The New In Your Face Facebook Ads - Coming Soon!

After Facebook's disastrous IPO leading some to speculate Facebook's actual worth is in the $16-$24 range, it's worth examining what went wrong. Was it the Nasdaq computer glitches, which some claim resulted in $100 million in losses to investment firms?...

Whistle Phone for iPhone & iPad Offers Free Calls

Whistle Phone is a new VoIP application for the iPhone , iPad, and iPod touch which offers free calls anywhere in the U.S. The catch? Well, you have to listen to a ~15s long audio commercial before the call...

Website blocks Firefox users due to Ad Blocker

According to InfoWorld, a blogger is blocking Firefox users from visiting his site in protest of the 2nd most popular Firefox plugin called AdBlock Plus, which strips banner advertisements from websites. His rationale is that when you use an advertisement...

New Google Adsense graphical ads?

Maybe my eyes have been tuning out Google Adsense advertisements lately, but a new skyscraper graphical Google ad is displaying on my blog today that does NOT look like your typical "graphical" (not text) Google Adsense ad.In fact, I had...

Chitika cheaters?

I came across this blog post on Jensense talking about Chitika ads, which claimed that the unaudited Chitika revenue numbers didn't line up with the "audited revenue" Chitika numbers. All bloggers knew that there might be some click fraud which...

Google RSS Feed Ads

Google is testing Google RSS Feed ads, a new variation of its AdSense program for publishers that allows sites to display text or image ads related to their content and get paid by the click. In fact, Google just launched...
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