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Dialogic delivers industry's 1st multimedia processing platform for AdvancedTCA

Dialogic tomorrow will make their first significant announcement since their sale from Intel to Eicon.According to Dialogic, they will announce the availability of the industry's first multimedia platform for AdvancedTCA.  The platform will be used to deliver applications such as...

Artesyn and MontaVista offer Embedded Linux Carrier-grade solutions

Just some quick news to share about Artesyn Communication Products which is partnering with MontaVista to offer Linux Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) for its telecom blades and modules. Embedded Linux is becoming more imporantant in the telecom sector and not...

SBE's new PTMC dspPTMC-6415 module

SBE is entering the VoIP space, by introducing a VoIP gateway on a single blade. Modular VoIP “blades” based around standard, interoperable modules like PMC, AdvancedTCA, and AdvancedMC reduce costs by limiting the number of unique blades that telecom OEMs...
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