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The New In Your Face Facebook Ads - Coming Soon!

After Facebook's disastrous IPO leading some to speculate Facebook's actual worth is in the $16-$24 range, it's worth examining what went wrong. Was it the Nasdaq computer glitches, which some claim resulted in $100 million in losses to investment firms?...

Website blocks Firefox users due to Ad Blocker

According to InfoWorld, a blogger is blocking Firefox users from visiting his site in protest of the 2nd most popular Firefox plugin called AdBlock Plus, which strips banner advertisements from websites. His rationale is that when you use an advertisement...

Vonage spyware ads funds customer acquisition

Vonage customer acquisition relies heavily on spyware advertsing according to Ben Edelman.  Considering Vonage's failed IPO and continued downward stock price, you'd think Vonage would be on the "up and up" - above all these sort of tactics. After all,...

Advertisements in video games

Activision, Inc. and Nielsen Entertainment today released the results of a study on the effectiveness of in-game advertising that incorporates different levels of product integration. According to some video interviews I watched, the two companies feel that advertisements and product...


Well, Blogads ( accepted my application to join their "blog advertising network". From what I understand Blogags is very discerning as to which blogs they accept. I guess I should feel proud. They cited my coverage of not only VoIP,...
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