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Rock Out to the Asterisk Song

GM Voices, creator of professional voice prompts for companies has just released "The Asterisk Song" with patriotic Asterisk lyrics such as "It ain't no punctuation." For true Asterisk patriots, "asterisk" aka "*" can not be used in a sentence unless...

Fab Four Heading to Rock Band; Can iTunes Be Far Behind?

In an auspicious time for the music business, we may have the first big hint that the Beatles may finally be on the way to Apple's iTunes.That's a big leap of faith but hear me out: The Beatles' label Apple...

Guns N' Roses Back on Rock Band

Not to be outdone by the earlier American incarnation of the Stones, now Guns N' Roses is getting their game on with a new song on Rock Band 2.Now isn't it a bit ironic that Slash's "old band" is taking...

Already Rocked Out on Guitar Hero Aerosmith -- Right?

 It's been out, you've bought it and by now you've already shredded quite a few songs ... we are talking Guitar Hero Aerosmith of course!Which are the hardestWhat is the coolestWe want our GHA!!!...

Grammys Go More Political; Sales Go Up?

Is it just me or did the Grammy Awards the other night reveal that once again music is becoming more overtly political (a ‘60s/’70s reprise)?  Yes, of course, everyone loves a good beat and a clever hook, but live performances...
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